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Our Exclusive Ribbon Heaven Membership Club is where you can enjoy discounts on our TabbyWabby retail site & get deep discount on 10 yds or more & be the first to purchase our new printed ribbons before they hit the retail site, wait it doesnt stop there we also offer group buys that have never been easier!

When you buy on Ribbon Heaven you will get 10 yd’s of selected ribbons at a huge savings & be able to pre-order custom designs on our RibbonHeaven yahoo group.

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  • New Reward Program where you get 10 yds of ribbon credit with every referral of new paid member you refer. Please have them mention your name in the notes section when they check out for you to get the reward credit or we wont know who the Lucky Angel is.

If you have already purchased your membership and have been APPROVED

We will be presenting collections throughout the year of our famous custom printed ribbons & resinsamp; Also our best price ever group buys on custom dots, chevrons, scrolls & new metallics and glittier designs amp; more!

Membership will include a lifetime of discounts, special access to our new RH * FB & yahoo group! You will also be offered, limited designs along with custom prints & some staples you use everyday. As you can not un-ring a bell we do not give refunds on memberships. Thank you for understanding.

All of this for one flat fee NO MORE extra GB fees for groups buys,NO MORE credit/card or paypal fees and you get the best yahoo group members to chat and help with your every need!

*Please note these prices are for yahoo group discount and that our site pricesmay very from yahoo group buy prices. Look for our TabbyTemplates @ only $19.99 per set “limit 1 per member at this price” with all Instruction updates at NO EXTRA charge on our TabbyTemplate yahoo group for Instructions. We do also offer group buys for custom dots, scrolls & custom designs all our own custom work you wont find else where.

*Shipping will be up to 5 to 7 weekdays depending on new ribbon in stock and the number of orders. No Refunds due to low price one of a kind designs and cost to ship.
Our orders are at its highest when new ribbon arrives so please be understanding on ship time. ;0) BIG HUGS!!!!

Have Fun & Welcome to Ribbon Heaven ;0)

1. Exclusive previews of our newest ribbons arriving with an extra discounted price on top of our everyday low price.

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Members will also receive special offers and discounts that will ONLY be available to them. These discounts will be here at Ribbon Heaven or at our sister Tabby Wabby website with a RH discount code only for RH Angels on TW retail site “look in the file section on the yahoo group”!

Example of savings….

5 yards of 7/8″ print ribbon retail goes for $3.95 to 5.50 but, with your Ribbon Heaven exclusive membership you will get more then a 50% off!

10 yards of the same ribbon in 7/8″ is only $3.95 to 5.50 with your membership to Ribbon Heaven!

Membership is $29.99

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Contact us by *Phone Office PST: 562-858-4026 ask for Donna *Fax: 562-404-7927 *Email: Branch Office

Special notes: We Reserve the right to revoke any membership on grounds of misconduct un-becoming to a member on our FB or Yahoo Groups. Please note that speaking negatively on our boards or other boards about our moderators, our group owner, our group policies, membership and/or products “includes shares pictures of custom art work” on other public forums or group are grounds for permanent removal from all our FB & Yahoo groups & or sites and this includes loss of membership privileges. There is nothing beneficial that can possibly come from this type of conversation and this type of bashing / slander will not be tolerated.  So if you can play nice please join us in a wonderful group of Honest, helpful & fun members. We all would love to hear from you if you ever have a question before buying membership or while a member email us at